Fabricating from Florence

I had a lot of digital photos from a rainy anniversary trip to Florence, and an order for a ‘neutral colour’ cushion in Somerset / Prairie Points. I’d used almost all of  the neutral colours  as backgrounds for my last Craft Sale, so it was either spend more money than I had… or be inventive with the calico & Egyption cotton sheeting which I had in my stash.

Originally I thought I could get out the Bubblejet & print off some of the photos… but as usual nothing quite leapt out without the obligatory tweaking, and I wound up cutting out &  layering some of the stone carving to make an all over pattern in Photoshop. I do enjoy working in Photoshop – almost more than taking photos!

Fill pattern: stonework3A freebie for you:

This is the file from which you can define a pattern in your graphics program: it makes a good background for  a male birthday card.

In the end, I didn’t use the fabric in the cushion, but wound up alternating between rubber stamping and a a quick trip to www.studio39.biz in Baldock to plunder their shelves for beige fabric.

Now all that’s left is to get the back on the cushion and work out what I can charge for it – trying NOT to think about what my actual hourly rate is going to turn out to be…




all over pattern from stonework3.jpg

All over pattern from stonework3.jpg


Stirring the cauldron

Going from paid work to  creatively earning a living via crafting:  I’m setting up this blog to share some of the byproducts – what in any industry would be the R&D hours spent on every activity that doesn’t eventually wind up as a product you can sell…

At the moment I’m creating fabric – both by printing photoshop creations, and rubber stamping.